Bring me brain boosters Bora

Bora Zivkovic is coming to London on Wednesday April 9th, and several events have been organized for his visit, which I’ll be going to. First, there’ll be a behind-the-scenes tour of the Natural History Museum, starting at 4.30pm, followed by a few drinks at The Queen’s Arms.

If you’re in London and would like to join us on the NHM tour, you should email Karen via the link above. Or you might like to meet us at the pub; we’ll be there from about 6.30 onwards.

Incidentally, Bora has written about the new NIH initiative to crack down on the use of neuroenhancing drugs by academics, and provides links to recent news stories and blog posts about the subject. He pertinently points out that one difficulty is knowing where to draw the line. Caffeine, for example, is a widely-used stimulant which can enhance cognitive function. Is that, then, a “smart” drug too? 

The 3D Google map of the London Underground above was created by Andrew Hudson-Smith, of the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL, and author of the Digital Urban blog. Click the image for the full-screen interactive version.


2 thoughts on “Bring me brain boosters Bora

  1. The original London Underground map is one of my all-time favorite designs, and the 3D map is just way too cool.
    How about a game of Mornington Crescent, in 3D? 😉
    Have a great time, London science-bloggers and visitors!

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