How to power nap & why you should


The Boston Globe has an infographic containing tips on how to nap effectively.

But why would you want to run the risk of being thought of as lazy by sleeping during the day? Recent research shows that power napping enhances memory consolidation and increases alertness and productivity.


7 thoughts on “How to power nap & why you should

  1. Most corporate employers have sleeping on the job as grounds for immediate termination. The managers of these corporations have private offices with lockable doors so they can nap all they like.
    Go figure.

  2. yeah but how much productivity could you have done throughout your life by working or talking with people than by napping. I hate wasting time sleeping id rather work at my workplace.

  3. Derek, the point is to recharge your brain after several hours of doing productive work. If you’re wasting time while you’re working anyway, well, then you may as well be taking a nap.

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