Nintendo Wii as it might look in 2010


Technology pundits speculate that mind control is the future of gaming. They envision that the movements of computer game characters will be controlled not with joysticks but with non-invasive brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) which monitor the brain’s electrical activity and transmit the signals to the games console.

Although scientists are concerned about the non-therapeutic use of BCIs, such devices are already commercially available; last year, Emotiv Systems demonstrated its Project Epoch EEG cap, and began marketing it to games developers such as Sega and Nintendo.

In anticipation of the time when gamers can put their joysticks down for good, gadget website T3 has produced this artist’s impression of the Nintendo Wii as it might look in 2010.

(Via West Whim)

Update: Here’s something on Emotiv’s newest device.


7 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii as it might look in 2010

  1. What a better way to train our children how to be FAT and LAZY as they try to bend REALITY to their Will,…lol,…only to realize a computer interface works on a totally different energy spectrum than REALITY. Ahahahahaha LOL ROFL. FAT, stupid Children,.. here they come !

  2. No one really knows what and how much this brain computer hand-shaking is really capable of. Recently a robot in Japan exercised, upon thought signals from a monkey in US (relayed by electromagnetic waves across the Atlantic). So we better wait with baited breath and watch things unfold.

  3. LOL a representative from PTI came to my school and talked about new technologies. He passed this off as a real in development game console from nintendo.

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