Brain and nerve food


Dave Bonta has found this advertisement, which appeared on the back cover of an anthology of English poetry published in 1884 by Funk & Wagnalls:

Nerve-Giving Principles of the Ox-Brain and Wheat-Germ.

It restores the energy lost by Nervousness or Indigestion; relieves Lassitude and Neuralgia; refreshes the nerves tired by worry, excitement or excessive brain fatigue; strengthens a failing memory, and gives renewed vigor in all diseases of Nervous Exhaustion or Debility. It is the only PREVENTIVE OF CONSUMPTION.

It aids in the mental and bodily growth of children. Under its use the teeth come easier, the skin grows plumper and smoother; the brain acquires more readily and sleeps more sweetly. An ill-fed brain learns no lessons, and is peevish. It gives a happier childhood.

Physicians have used a Million Packages. It is not a secret remedy; the formula is on every label.

By Druggists or by Mail, $1.

F. CROSBY CO., 56 West 25th St., N.Y.



2 thoughts on “Brain and nerve food

  1. Heh. Glad you liked that! (I’m sorry that I don’t have a working scanner, and had to resort to a snapshot instead.)
    Apparently I had a great uncle of Pennsylvania German stock who used to eat pork or beef brains scrambled with his eggs every morning. Hey, maybe the zombies are onto something, right? But I’ve always heard that a mind is a terrible thing to taste.

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