Unidentified flowery object

I took this photograph yesterday at a park in central London. My knowledge of botany is scant, so I have no idea what species it is.


5 thoughts on “Unidentified flowery object

  1. I looked at this picture and my first thought was, “I’ll ask my Gran – she’s sure to know.” Thing is, my Gran died more than 20 years ago. It’s a strange thing that some things are so firmly entrenched in my mind as being my Gran’s area of expertise that even now, my first thought is to ask her. And then I feel a fresh twinge of grief.
    Perhaps you should do a post on the neural pathways of relationships and what happens to them when someone dies… Why some of them seem to linger while others adjust more quickly

  2. On the neuro side, it’s not just a flower, it’s a memory device. Haven’t had a garden for six years, alas, but anemone was an instant thought when prompted by Mo’s photo. Windflower, actually. So that bit is stored somewhere with a triggerable recall.
    For the species I surveyed a non cortical mnemonic aid: Google image search. Hupehensis looked closest structurally, grows in UK, and comes in pale pink.
    Let’s call it a mindflower and have done, moving up a few posts to the conveniently located current Encephelon.

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