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The Long-Term Effects of Adolescent Alcohol Exposure. Dana Foundation, 23rd Nov.
The struggle for consciousness. Dana Foundation, 9th Nov.
Overfishing threatens Middle East coral reefsNature Middle East, 15th Oct.
An illustrated history of prosthetic limbs. Brain Decoder, 21st Sept.
When does consciousness begin and end? NOVA Next, 27th May
How the eyes betray your thoughtsBBC Future, 22nd May
A bigger role for your little brainBrain Decoder, 10th May
Life after death: The science of human decompositionMosaic, 5th May
The journey to the cognitive map. Dana Foundation, 24th April
How should society treat addiction? Dana Foundation, 20th April
BOLD AssumptionsBrain Decoder, 1st April
Can neuroscience determine guilt or innocence? NOVA Next, 4th Feb.


Glimmers of hope before an Alzheimer’s epidemicNOVA Next, 1st Oct.
Am I too old to learn a new language? The Guardian, 13th Sept.
A brief history of psychedelic psychiatryThe Psychologist, 1st Sept.
Uta and Chris Frith: A partnership of the mind. SFARI, 28th Aug.
The man who grew eyesMosaic, 26th Aug.
Machine recoveryNature, 26th June
A purposeful life is a healthy life. Dana Foundation, 26th June
The neuroprotective effects of education. Dana Foundation, 22nd May
The solitary brain. Dana Foundation, 13th Mar.
Catching fireNew Scientist, 1st Mar.


Big data on healthy brain aging. Dana Foundation, 23rd Dec.
Emotional renovationsNautilus, 19th Dec.
Does depression alter perception? Dana Foundation, 21st Oct.
Fighting a growing enemy. Nature Middle East, 15th Oct.
Microglia: The mind minders. New Scientist, 12th Oct.
Corrupted memory. Nature, 15th Aug.
Amyloid awakenings. Nature, 22nd May
Can neurodoping enhance sporting performance? Dana Foundation, 20th May
The neuroethics of memory modification. Dana Foundation, 25th April
From peppers to peppermints. Dana Foundation, 3rd Jan.


The neuroethics of smart drugs. Dana Foundation, 4th Dec.
Microbes on your mind. Scientific American MIND, July/Aug.
How to build a brain. BBC Focus, July
Astrocyte dysfunction in drug-resistant epilepsy. Dana Foundation, 27th July
The ethics of unconsciousness. Dana Foundation, 19th June
How stroke affects the brain. Wellcome Trust, 21st May
Probing the workings of human brain cells. Dana Foundation, 19th April
Fantasy fix. New Scientist, 18th Feb.
Modeling and remodeling to make memories. Dana Foundation, 20th Jan.


Neuroscience and the law. Dana Foundation, 13th Dec.
DIY neuroscience. Dana Foundation, 28th Nov.
Turning tides of autism. Nature Middle East, 2nd Nov.
Red Sea bacteria pack protein potential. Nature Middle East, 28th July
Simon Baron-Cohen: Theorizing on the mind in autism. SFARI, 9th May
Autism: Progress and prospects. Dana Foundation, 8th Feb.
Cross-cultural neuroethics: Look both ways. Dana Foundation, 20th Jan.
Treating insomnia. BBC Focus, Jan.


H. M.’s contribution to memory research. Dana Foundation, 9th Dec.
Bioethics in the classroom. Dana Foundation, 6th Dec.
Neuroepigenetics: Teasing out the effects of environment on the brain. Dana Foundation, 4th June
Time travel through the brain. Technology Review, Dec.
Beauty and the brain. SEED Magazine, Oct.



Do long-term memories punch holes in the brain? Brain Decoder, 23rd Oct.
Fragment of rat brain simulated in supercomputer. Nature, 8th Oct.
Two genetic variants linked to depression. Nature Middle East, 24th July
Sex divide seen in persistent pain mechanism. Nature, 29th June
Where do memories live? Brain Decoder, 16th June
Agnostic grandmother cells in the brain. Brain Decoder, 20th April


MERS infection route unlocked. Nature Middle East, 20th Oct.
Sleep helps memory by promoting new synapses. New Scientist, 5th June
Potent coronavirus inhibitor identified. Nature Middle East, 30th May
MERS virus weakened by mutations. Nature Middle East, 6th May
Wiring of retina reveals how eyes sense motion. Nature, 4th May
MERS vaccine sought for new virus outbreak. Nature Middle East, 28th April
Using colourful language to make a point. Nature Middle East, 23rd Jan.


Shiny happy neurons. Science, 11th Nov.
Ancient rivers tell story of first migration. Nature Middle East, 10th Oct.
Nicotine exposure gives baby rats addictive personalities. Nature, 20th Aug.
MERS in Mecca? Nature Middle East, 28th July
Genetic mutations behind rare epilepsy. Nature Middle East, 9th April
Beaking bread’s genetic code. Nature Middle East, 28th Mar.
Human brain cells boost mouse memory. Science, 7th Mar.
Prion proteins control synaptic plasticity. Nature, 14th Feb.
Researchers scare ‘fearless’ patients. Nature, 3rd Feb.
Citizen microbiome. Nature Biotechnology, Feb.
Brain shrinkage disrupts sleep and impairs memory. Nature, 27th Jan.
Kite and NCI partner on T cells. Nature Biotechnology, Jan.


Snapshots explore Einstein’s unusual brain. Nature, 16th Nov.
General anaesthetic disrupts brain communication. Nature, 5th Nov.
Scientists read dreams. Nature, 19th Oct.
Disrupted sleep may predict Alzheimer’s. Nature, 18th Oct.
Books trim the brain. Science, 17th Oct.
Brain connectivity predicts reading skills. Nature, 8th Oct.
Improving paleogenomics. Nature, 4th Oct.
Bird brains show their fear of faces. Science, 10th Sept.
New brain malformation identified. Nature Middle East, 28th Aug.
How to learn in your sleep, Nature, 26th Aug.
Racial bias colours visual perception. Nature, 5th July
How the brain views race. Nature, 26th June
Genetic variants build a better brain. Nature, 19th June
The brain’s bat signal, Science, 24th May
Finches learn even when practice isn’t perfect. Nature, 20th May
Gene linked to post-traumatic stress. Science, 14th May
Memory trick relives drug cravings. Nature, 12th April
How marijuana makes you forgetNature, 1st Mar.
Voicegrams transform brain activity into words. Nature, 31st Jan.
Psychedelic chemical subdues brain activity. Nature, 23rd Jan.
Fat grown in the lab. Nature Middle East, 15/01


Jumping genes may influence brain activity. Scientific American, 30th Oct.
Warning on neural techniqueNature, 18th Oct.
Light pulses keep heart cells beating. New Scientist, 24th Sept.
RNA may signal plants to flower. Nature Middle East, 18th Sept.
Video game studies have serious flaws. Nature, 16th Sept.
REM sleep could prompt life-saving decisions. New Scientist, 1st Sept.
Visual skills superior in autism, study says, SFARI, 6th June
‘Broken mirror’ concept of autism challenged, SFARI, 3rd Mar.
The Golgi stain, circa 1873. The Scientist, 1st June 09


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